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Welcome to The Launchpad! Here, we hope to provide easy access to those just starting their publishing journeys, no matter what part of the industry you’re in.


  • Query: a cover letter that introduces a project (manuscript, proposal, pitch package, etc.) to an agent, including a pitch and brief bio of the creator
  • Pitch: short description of a project that includes the characters and stakes but doesn’t reveal the ending
  • Synopsis: one- to two-page document that summarizes the major plot points of the project, including the end
  • Category: whether your project is fiction or non-fiction and age of the target audience
  • Genre: where your project would belong in the store (romance, historical fiction, self-help, etc.)
  • Comp Title: Comparative titles of recent books, films, tv shows or video games that are similar to some essence of your project, be that plot, aesthetic, audience, etc.
  • On Sub: the period when your project has been sent to editors (typically by your agent) for consideration
  • R&R: Revise and Resubmit – can be offered by agents or editors who are interested in your project but think it needs more work before they can move forward
  • Dummy: a sample picture book, usually in PDF format
  • Pitch Package: for graphic novels, includes pitch, synopsis, script sample, and sample pages
  • Proposal: for non-fiction projects, a detailed outline and marketing plan for the project


Here is but a small selection of resources to help you get started on your querying journey. For more helpful links, check out our Resources page!

Agent Maria Vicente’s wonderful website

Query Critique Form

PMV is offering query critiques to unagented authors! Before you submit your query, please read the conditions. By submitting your query for our critique, you are accepting our terms.

  • Only submit one query per project
  • Submit no more than one query per month
  • Understand that your query might not be critiqued. We are operating on a volunteer basis while balancing deadlines, jobs, and other obligations. Because of that, we have no set turn-around for when you might receive feedback.
  • Please, no resubmissions.